The Great Escape

Adventure 1986 Dos Dosbox Ocean Action based Role playing Strategic scope Action

Escape the room puzzler with a cool war story

In The Great Escape you play the role of a pilot that manages to escape a crash. But, when you think you're in the clear and can mind your business, the Germans capture you. Well, that's some sort of bad day, isn't it?! Thankfully, you're quite a resourceful individual and thus will have no issues breaking away, one room at a time, from the WWII Nazi compound. Overall, The Great Escape is pretty much held tight in the ropes of room escaping puzzling, years before this genre was a regular of internet web based time wasting! Graphically, as expected from a late 80s game, it's no visual treat. The game displays its 3D rooms in black and another two colors, mostly. The puzzles are mostly a combination of pixel hunting, combinations of items to create some other items, and figuring out where an item is to be used. At times however, there are some breaks from this mechanic, and, of course, there is a bit of that old favorite adventure stealth minigame, but most of it is your standard escape the room business. A great game, given its age though. Check Eden Blues - Doomsday Blues for yet another adventure in kind of the same style, though the Nazis are no longer the main baddies here!

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