Eden Blues - Doomsday Blues

Adventure 1987 Dos Dosbox ERE Informatique Action based Role playing

A quirky yet playable escape the room puzzler/adventure

In Eden Blues - Doomsday Blues you are a prisoner in this compound, where your gatekeepers are mechanoid and robotic. The game is set in a futuristic setting, though you'll really have to squint to actually get to see it; in truth the minimalist graphics of the game, very much in the style of early adventures on the DOS platform (yes, there is a lot of magenta and the occasional color clash, hehe!) will not really lend itself to a lot of detail. But, the gameplay is pretty interesting. If you've ever played an escape the room type adventure/puzzler, you'll know what the drill is: understanding the way the robots behave so you can sneak around, them, finding the occasional key or just plain bash the doors that will allow you to do so and, most of all, making use of all the items that happen to come your way. Very quirky and one minded at times, nevertheless, this French little adventure will keep you interested, as it really manages to sink under your skin! Play it, and, as an alternative have something like Bad Blood (a top down adventure/action) and Mystic Towers (a lot closer in recipe to this one) at the ready

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