Bad Blood

Adventure 1990 Dos Dosbox ORIGIN Systems Action based Role playing Strategic scope Indie Casual Sports

A roleplayer that takes place in yet another post nuclear world

I think it is futile to say that Bad Blood kind of wanted to coattail ride on the laurels and the interest that Wasteland had garnered for role playing in decimated, post apocalyptic world. Yes, it sure doesn't stumble on the idea by accident, and compared to the older point of reference (Wasteland, of course!) it at least makes enough of an effort to create as unique a world as it can (both the design of the top down levels as well as the mythology of the story). At any rate, what the wasteland has done is leave a few humans alive that battle the more powerful irradiated mutants, who now have to fight for control of the scarce few resources that remain on the surface. You (as in Fallout 2's premise!) are a villager who is tasked with the staling of an impending conflict which Lord Dominix, the chieftain of the race of men is trying to start, which is set to eradicate the race of the mutants. At any rate, from there on it is a combination of trekking through different byte sized establishments (seen from above and isometric) and trying to solve quests while keeping the initial quest developing. The game doesn't use turn based battles, instead being a bit faster to play, but also more hard to sink into, so, be warned. The RPG elements are the classical ones: accumulation of points and then distributing them into your skill sets. Not a bad game, not at all, but not as diverse or as well polished but still worth a go.

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