Guilty Gear X

Action 2000 Windows Virgin Interactive Beat em up

Fast Japanese style fighter to rival Street Fighter

Guilty gear X was a Play Station 1 title originally that also got ported for the Windows environment. On the PC the game plays just as smooth and as fast as the original and it also features the original cast of players. The major appeal of the game is in the beautiful graphics at all levels. The characters are animated beautifully, even though the character frame by frame animations can be a bit jaggedly. However, this leads to a faster switches from instance to instance, and to combos that roll very nicely. Along with the character design, the same attention was poured into the backgrounds of the game. The environments look absolutely gorgeous, with lots of particle effects and animations scattered around. The controls were also ported fantastically well, so even if you don't use a gamepad you will not have a hard time playing the game and learning the button combinations to unleash the more deadly attacks. Guilty gear X is still highly playable today, and if you were looking for an old school fighter in a beautifully rendered 2D environment this is the best that the turn of the century has to offer. I highly recommend it.

A famous fighting game

Guilty Gear is one of the most famous games of 2-D figthing known to mankind. It's fastened controls and good graphics made many enjoy the history and the characters. Existing since PSX this game have a long existence and have beem on the market for far too to long and be considered a bad game. The games of Guilty Gear are so few that in US there's no way to buy one that's not already in a collectable one. A lot more may be said about this fantastic game but im going to let you guys dicide. the serie of Guilty Gear exists in these plataform: PSX PS2 PSP NDS XBox 360 and some that was made to a video game famous in Japan for beening the gameboy "evil twin".

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