Guilty Gear XX #Reload

Action 2003 Windows Funbox Media Beat em up Arcade style Fighting Combat

Engaging manga atmosphere

Guilty Gear XX Reload is an update, an improved version of to the third game belonging the original Guilty Gear series. It balances the gameplay, removes the disadvantages of some actions performed by your character (among the characters there are included Holy Knights, assassins and bounty hunters), adds new warriors and also, a new story mode. Guilty Gear XX Reload - The Midnight Carnival is for all manga and battles enthusiasts. The excellent 2D graphics increase the general quality of this game. The battles are captivating, bringing a huge number of combos you can use while trying to take down your enemy. This process is great and extremely convenient, due to the easy control system. With a little bit of training, you will succeed to perform incredible moves and various combinations of defending actions. Your enemies are defined by a unique personality, each being different with their skills and other traits. I was also impressed from this point of view, because there is a total lack of repeatability in this game. Guilty Gear XX Reload represents all my high expectations when it comes to this genre. This is a title that will keep you stuck into the engaging manga atmosphere over and over again.

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