Gundam War 4

Action 1999 Windows Beat em up

Fast pace action game

Gundam War 4 is a very thrilling action game which has a futuristic theme and a very exciting gameplay to it. The game is bout Rob battles where you will control the characters which are basically well refined and sophisticated robots that have a variety of skills. You can control multi characters at a time. The fun thing in the game is that how the robots attack as they have their own set of skills and weaknesses. The animations that have been defined here to support the action are quite good and they are well in line with the theme of the gameplay. The game is also about some controlled and little bit of strategy as to how you utilize the weapons. There are 3 weapons in the game which are bazooka, sword and a gun. All these weapons have their power meter and they charge themselves automatically over time. You have use this weapons in a combination because using only one weapon will diminish its power. The user interface in this game is also very well defined in terms of how you use the options and switch between modes of the gameplay. It is a fast and speedy action that is catchy from the word go. Another good and exciting game in this genre is Iron.

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