Pray for Death

Action 1996 Dos Dosbox Virgin Interactive Beat em up Myth and legend Fighting Combat

Almost one of the best

Pray for Death is a fighting game developed by Virgin Interactive. What's cool about this game that is has many modes to offer. One is the tag team mode, where two teams of two are pitted against eachother fighting to the last man of that team. The developers also incorporated a story mode for each character, which is a nice touch. One you start your first battle, you might see that everything is in 3D. Most of you would think bad about this part, maybe due to the fact that many 3D fighting games, like Xenophage, didn't do so well in that time. Pray for Death, however, is the suprising exception, that has great controls and beautiful visual. That are some awesome visual effects, like the reflexion in a water pool, that haven't been seen before in any other game in that period. There is blood and gore in the game, but the doesn't make it that violent. The developers even programmed finishing moves for each fighter and all of them are lame and don't come close to the fatalities from Mortal Kombat. The voice acting is not so good but all in all, Pray for Death is a great fighting game and the few issues described won't ruin the gameplay.

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