Betty Bad

Action 2002 Windows WildTangent Science Fiction Arcade style

Arcade Tomb Rider like action game

In Betty Bad you are Sci Fi heroine looking for adventure and treasure, much in the style of the Tomb Rider series, however, in this game you are a lady of the future, and thus, will explore lands and areas that look futuristic and are all about metal and steel and glass. It's a rather dark themed game, but, for the most part it's how it should be; well produced, well delivered, and definitely up to the task. Betty, the heroine is a very mobile creature, she can move in 260 degrees with ease, and she can also upgrade her arsenal as well as her body armor. It's a fortress of a hero, after a while, but fear not, the baddies too are pretty high in terms of upgrades and the weaponry they use. Also, the game features a whole lot of obstacle courses, puzzles, as well as traps, so it's into all about sheer power' intelligently tacking the game can also yield great results, so you should try that too. It's also a bit of an arcade title as you have only 5 lives, and if you lose them you have to restart. But, you can gain lives as you go on, so the idea is not too succumb too often. Else, Betty Bad is a great action title, with a great female protagonist.

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