Action 1997 Windows Dosbox Cia do Software Platformer

Colorful and childlike platformer

The graphic style of this platformer is very interesting, making use of faux 3D sceneries and lots of interesting looking platforms. However, where it kind of fails is at offering you a good deal of variety or challenge. The game is simply intended for children, or for those that have not tried on more auspicious left to right adventures, where you really were tested thoroughly. But, if you want a feel good adventure and don't expect a game to take you to places that will put a strain on your ability to focus, definitely, Guimo will be cut for the task. With a cool cartoony protagonist with a cool set of moves and a control scheme that is very well polished, as well as non glitch platforming and good though simple overall design, the game will be a great way to chill out, maybe sharing the experience with someone less savvy about these types of games than you. Truly a masterpiece in simplicity and that cartoony feel that will leave you relaxed and ready for some hard work or some more challenging play sessions.

Not for sale

The Guimo game was launched in 1997 for the Jack in The Box Computing. Today, the company gaucho if calls Southlogic Studios and produces games for Americato see the box biggestin the Atari. Guimo arrived to vender 5 a thousand copies in Brazil and the Europe: 'It was a small project, that in the truth in them relieved know-how, and financial profits' do not comment the founder of the company, Christian Lykawka. Today, the game does not meet for sale in the catalogue store, also leaving of the site of its peddler, the Cia. of Software, thus indicating the end of its publication. However, currently in the Europe it is vendido by the Internet in certain 'colet?neas of games' or by companies who had relaunched the game: but clearly, versions Pirates.

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