Ar'Kritz The intruder

Action 1996 Dos Microfolie's Platformer

The gritty surrealism of a photorealistic platformer

Hmm, I wonder why there weren't more games like this one, graphically speaking, games that would use snippets of photos instead of the usual tiles to paint the 2D world. I guess, you'll get to the same conclusion I did, by the time you experience this platformer here, a platformer that took the Prince of Persia creed of realism but took it a notch too far. Well, gameplay wise, if you've ever played a platformer before you'll feel at home, but graphically, this game is kind of unique. It uses both backgrounds and foregrounds that were manipulated photos as well as a player character that suffered the MK treatment, having all of its animation frames design drawn from actual motion capture. But, the proposition was a bit low on quality, and you'll soon find out that this kind of realism, nitty gritty, with washed up colors is not really working. Or, maybe, I'm just cringing because of the novelty of the thing, because, gameplay wise, the game works just fine. Anyway, think Duke Nukem gameplay with graphics that are made of photorealistic bits all collated to create a 2D world, it sure is something else!

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