Dig It!

Action 1996 Dos Dosbox Pixel Painters Platformer

A beautiful adventure and lot of fun

The beautiful design, fantastic colors and great animation was what brought me to love this game within minutes. Great gameplay and lots of fun helped to form my opinion too.In most parts, this is a typical platformer, with you going around the level, jumping from platform to platform and shooting enemies, but, instead fighting a dangerous boss at the end of a level, you have to find an X on the map that allows you dig through to the next one (hence the name Dig it!).The weapons that you have are pretty cool, and the enemies are abundant and various, and when that is combined, a fun action filled adventure is sure to happen! As I said in the beginning, the visuals are absolutely stunning. The level design is original and quite beautiful and the audio is also very good and certainly adds to the wonderful gaming experience. If you like beautiful and colorful platform games like Rayman, you are sure to like this nice gem. Make sure to look at some other games from this publisher company, like Xatax.

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