Alien Carnage

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Apogee Cartoon Platformer

Kick some alien butt!

If this looks a little similar to the likes of classic platformers such as the original Duke Nukem and Commander Keen, then there's a very good reason for that. It's from Apogee, and once they found a formula that worked, they milked it for all it was worth. This one is actually the sequel to the fairly obscure Halloween Harry but it's quite different from that but it remains a slick and enjoyable experience. The story here relies on that old chestnut, the alien invasion, and finds the Earth under threat by a race which turns its inhabitants into zombies, with the overall goal of making them into slaves. As Harry, the only man brave enough to stop this heinous act, it's up to you to step into the breach and blast the aliens back to where they came from. This basically involves venturing through a series of multi-directional scrolling levels, tracking down humans to rescue, while shooting up those pesky aliens and grabbing any weapons you might find. There's actually a good range of these and they make the action both a little easier and a lot more satisfying. Alien Carnage is far from being anything original, but it's a pretty decent slice of platforming action and makes for a entertaining ride. The visuals stand up particularly well, with some lovely chunky sprites and detailed environments that feature bold and appealing color schemes. The controls are tight and responsive, while the various levels offer lots of opportunities for exploration, and when all this is considered together, you're left with a simple but slick romp.

The shooting action and power ups are good

Platform shooting games though have very much the same theme but is always a lot of fun and thrill because of the shooting action that they have. This game is on the same lines as other shooter games but the depth in terms of the gamely and the endless variety is what makes it stand apart. You have a character named Halloween Harry whose job is to go all out and kill the aliens that have invaded the earth or the game levels. All the levels are filled with many different alien enemies and monsters that are very competitive and have their own features. Similarly all the levels in the game have a variety of numerous power ups which allow you to kill the enemy in a different manner and have a different impact. The A1 is very good and has made the enemies very tough to beat. It's not a simple action where you can just go all guns blazing because you will have to collect different items as well to survive long. The graphics in the game are awe inspiring and the responsive controls facilitate a thrill action time all the way. I have found Zombie Wars to be as good and thrilling as this one and both are a great recommendation.

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