Simulation 1986 Dos Microprose Flight Military flight

One of the oldest games to feature the Apache copter!

Well, as much as I'd want to and as much as I am the one to look at games in the context of their time period, I can't really let myself call this one a simulator! Though, sure, it tries. It features a screen in which you can customize your helicopter, it features an almost barren cockpit and it features a stringy, minimalist world with very fluffy physics! But when it comes down to it, what this game is, is an arcader that just had enough space on the floppy for the extra helicopter customization. But it's all as simple and as lifeless as it gets. Yeah, there are old flight sims out there that I'd still play, but this one, man it's such a rusty old barnacle of a game. It moves so, so, slowly, the action is laughable when it's not frustrating (try actually targeting another flying ship, granted if you actually go so far as to install this oldie, hehe!) and well, the graphics are abysmal. Yeah, it's an 86 released game, I know, this ran on 2 MHz processors, but come on, speed it all up a little. So, yeah, nope, it's not a game I'd recommend. Even if I love an oldie, and I can get behind minimalist games, nope this one is just too much frustration waiting for an opportunity to jump you! Try Ace 2, released just one year after this game here, and which just puts that extra 10 percent more into the game, making it actually playable!

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