Super Huey 2

Simulation 1986 Dos Dosbox Cosmi Corporation Flight Military flight

A sequel of Super Huey, not too much novel ideas

Super Huey 2 does little to shed the minimalist flight game mantra that it's prequel had also worn. Thus, Super Huey 2 is just as simple, yet playable, a helicopter arcade game, with elements that give it a simulation allure. At the very least, it runs on the proven graphics engine of its older brother, which were pretty well suited for the kinds of missions that this game here, too, offers you. There are escort missions (the hardest!), there are shooting missions, and also there are quite a few arcade missions, with enemies coming from all sides, without much concern for realism. Hopefully, as the game no longer has its instructions module attached (it came delivered on floppies and this one was a little meatier than its older brother) the controls are just the same, basic ones that were used by the first Super Huey, but it would have been nice to have retained its instructional material. Nonetheless, for a keyboard controlled helicopter game, Super Huey 2 does a great job at being very easy to learn, so download it. It's not a super serious game, but it sure doesn't let you down either, fun wise.

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