F-15 Strike Eagle II

Simulation 1989 Dos Microprose Flight Military flight

Action high in the sky!

F-15 Strike Eagle II is a well produced end of the 80s flight sim, based on the f-15 warbird, that was the pop icon at the time (and still is, to some extent!) of flight missions, and warbirds. The game takes a lot of cues from simulation games, but in truth it is more of a straight arrow classic arcader, in the way it controls at least, as the controls are fairly smooth and easy to get in sink with. But on the other hand, as far as missions go, the game is more realistic. The action takes place in the skies over Lybia, the Persian Gulf and the Middle East. Also, a few missions take place over Vietnam. Each mission has main objectives as well as secondary ones, and so you never lack variety; the classic war theater flight game types of missions are included, the ski high fighting, the bombing missions, giving those on land aerial support and tight air to air missions are included as well. The game also features a Director's mode, with live cinematic cuts, that are shown to you when you take another plane down or in some other situations. So, well done, F-15 Strike Eagle II, it is more than enough to be playable for a flight retro game. Download F-15 Strike Eagle III too, as this one as well does a great job high in the ski and is definitely an even more well presented game.

From the creator of Civiliziation, a great flight sim

While Sid Meier is most famous by his Civilization series, he didn't go unnoticed when he came with the great flight simulation game F15 Strike Eagle in 1985. This game is yet another great followup of the series. The game's objective is pretty simple, you have to objectives or targets, and to be successful you have to take care of them both and get home in one piece, or you lose the game. There are other targets you can destroy that will get you a higher score, meaning a better rank. There are four terrain to fly on and four different difficulty levels, so play at your gaming abilities. The game doesn't rely so much on realism and authenticity as on the fun and action, where it delivers one hundred percent. Graphically, the game is not very advance nor realistic, but it gets the job done. The audio system is also not very advanced but there are some speach parts that sound pretty realistic. Overall, this is a game that is very fun and action packed so if you like flight sims that are more about action than on realism, this game is a great choice. After you've finished this one, you can go and try the third sequel, F-15 Strike Eagle III. Great job, Sid!

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