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F14 Tomcat flight arcader

Even if the goal of this game was to simulate the flight of a modern, Tomcat F14 fighter war bird, doe to its age it barely manages to recreate any sort of flight feel to the final game. However, when all is said and done, what this game actually is, is an alright amalgam of flight elements, delivered though very minimal graphics, for those that love oldschool flight sims, irreverent of whether or not they capture anything that is original to that which they try to simulate. The game uses very base flight dynamics, if you can even call them that, as it is almost a game that runs on statics, on screens that gently refresh. Nope, this is not a game that can offer you an experience that is worth looking into if you care for actual feel inducing simulation flight games; for that download Microsoft Flight X. Instead, come to this exclusively if you are looking to compare and contrast how these early flight games were built. It can offer you a good perspective on the evolution of the genre, but no more than that. This is a game whose value resides only in its historical value. Else it is minimal exploration in design and the math behind it, rather than anything.

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