Panzer General 3D Assault

Strategy 1999 Windows SSI Historical Top down Turn based

The same oldschool strategy, now in 3D

If you've played the oldschool Panzer General in its original form you'll be right at home with this remake. What it does, where the difference lies, is in the fact that it adds 3D models in, for the maps as well as the units. Thus, it can be a bit easier on the eyes of those that love that graphical expression. Granted, it's not such a shallow a remake; a lot has been streamlined in terms of interface as well, plus, the math behind it, the tactical engine seems to have been revamped as well. I mean it had to, as I'm sure some of the math calculations had to have been linked to the way the game was displayed as well. The game asks you to be a general, and as such you'll be asked to promote your generals, and most of the time to concern yourself with the way your units are seated on the map. It's a game that really takes the high road of the high level tactics, but you can concern yourself with as much micromanagement as you like as the game allows you that. There are historic campaigns that see you playing as the USA, the United Kingdom, Africa and much more. A much more streamlined game than the original and a fun experience, without doubt.

A 3D version for the SSI tactic game

Panzer General 3D is the third installment in the Panzer General series of games and was developed and published by Strategic Simulations Inc. The game feels more like a remake of the classic game of the same name. It is faithful to its turn based elements and has a very similar style of gameplay which we could easily identify from Panzer General 2. The game features 8 campaigns based on the battles on the western front, out of which we can play 3 German campaigns and 5 Allied campaigns. On the Allied side, we can get to play as a general of an American, British and French army, as well as we can play as a general of the Nazi Germany army. However, there's one thing that I don't understand from the game: where is the Soviet Union? How can you have a World War II game, without including the Red Army? In terms of gameplay, Panzer General 3D plays like the previous games: deploy your forces and move them around, in order to destroy the enemy forces. However, there are some extra features as well, such as your units leveling up and being able to give them to more actions than before. The 3D graphics of the game look quite good for a 1999 game and the music is okay, however, the lack of battle animations makes the combat of the game pretty lame. Overall, Panzer General 3D Assault is not a bad game, but it doesn't have the same charm as the previous one had. If you enjoy TBS games in general then you might find this game enjoyable, but if you're a fan of the series, you might want to stick to the previous games.

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