Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

RPG 2001 Windows 1C Company Isometric Real time Science Fiction Strategy

Post-apocalyptic strategy combat

Based in the well-known post-apocalyptic world of Fallout, this is a turn-based strategy game that also incorporates role-playing elements to create an enjoyably complex and satisfying experience. Story-wise, the game sees various factions vying for control over a nuclear wasteland in which mutants and robots run amok, and follows a squad (led by the player)in the titular Brotherhood as they get caught up in this desperate war. In terms of gameplay, this translates into a series of squad-based missions where tactical combat and strategy are the order of the day and which require careful coordination of your troopers. Missions typically revolve around assaulting or infiltrating areas and can be tackled via stealth or brute force (although the former usually gives way to the latter, despite your best efforts). The game is viewed from a 3D isometric viewpoint and features some nicely detailed rundown futuristic environments which create a strong atmosphere of a world gone to the dogs. The graphics are also notable for their depiction of bloody violence, with some particularly gory death animations that are not for the faint hearted. For those of a tactical bent, this is a great game, with varied and challenging missions that require well-thought out tactics. If a complaint is to be made, it is that things go on for rather too long, with missions stretching past the point of enjoyment. Ignoring this however, Fallout is a fun mix of Diablo, X-Com and Rainbow Six and is to be recommended.

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