Deus Ex: Invisible War

RPG 2003 Windows Eidos Action based Science Fiction Action Role playing Action rpg Sci fi

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Story is everything

Anyone who has played the original Deus Ex will agree that it is one of the best storytelling experiences gaming world has provided. After several years in making, out came the sequel to this highly revered game. And let me tell you, if you liked Deus Ex for the story, you will wet your pants with this one. If it is even possible, the sequel adds up and improves everything we loved about the first game (if you like story driven games also try Morrowind). Game itself is a mix of FPS and RPG with best elements of both genres nicely intertwined. In Invisible War you take the role of secret agent in training Alex D. Story begins when the prep school you attend is attacked by terrorists. The attack destroys entire city of Chicago, but you and some of the other students manage to escape. After a while, the terrorist attack your new residence, and at that point it becomes pretty clear that they are after the students, namely, YOU. When you manage to escape yet again, the game begins. The world you are pit in is alive with NPC-s and riddled with clues about your fate. It is up to you to figure out what is happening. Story is the main reason you will love this game, everything else falls behind. Enemies may be crafty, gameworld beautifully rendered, but it is all irrelevant comparing to the story. As you progress, it will become obvious that there is much more here than meets the eye. Game is set in a futuristic setting, with nicely rendered surroundings, vivid characters and great effects. Sound and music add to the darkish atmosphere of the game. One of the best games you could play.

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