Harpoon II: Admiral's Edition

Simulation 1996 Dos Eidos Naval

A very addictive naval war simulation

It is modern naval war simulation with some very good tactical and war dynamics that take you close to reality of war set ups. The war set ups in the game involves various missions and many historically correct venues of the Cold War. The games involves a good variety of ships and submarines and also involves a good range of weapons and aircraft that will all be used to counter different missions and for engaging the enemies at different fronts. The flaw in the game is that though the dynamics here are modern but it only involves a single player mode which can be customized. It is a real time war strategy game which involves quick decisions making and also requires a strategic approach towards every task or mission. You can either take charge of a naval force with some ships and a resources such as cannons and crew or you can control a large carrier strike force that includes submarines, ships, air carriers and long range missiles. The graphics in the game are very standard and the user interface is perfectly designed in terms of the theme and the gameplay. Fast Attack like games and this simulation are very good in providing you an indulging experience.

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