Herrscher der Meere

Simulation 1997 Windows Attic Entertainment Software Naval War

Pirate economics and strategy combined

Herrscher der Meere is a combination of realistic and more or less arcade game concepts, all of which are hinged on exploring the way pirates were handling their business, but all is done in strategy style. Thus, gameplay wise, the game will be played as an economic and real time strategy mode, with naval battles and with a lot of other activities. Remember Sid Meyer's Pirates? Well, this is a similar game, a game that tells a similar story, only that it does so in a way that is far less colorful and cheerful. Yap, the life of this game's pirates is much more complex and more gritty, and that is a proposition that was both intentional as way as followed through really nicely. What you will love about the game is the fact that it will create a very strategic point of view for the life of the pirates, and it this manages to do it in a way that is so much more passionate yet realistic than other games that chase the same kind of thrill. So, buckle up, cause this journey is going to crawl under your skin in a very dramatic and yet satisfying way. And no, these pirates don't say ahoy!

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