Harrier Combat Simulator

Simulation 1988 Dos Dosbox Mirrorsoft Flight Military flight

Playable but dated flight sim

I love old school simulations, especially the flight ones. They can be so simple at times that they inspire you in such weird ways, you don't even see them as flight sims anymore, but you can imagine them any sort of highly abstracted games. But, of course, not all of them are any good, and some, as is the case of this one here, Harrier Combat Simulator can be quite mundane, you know, quite uneventful and unspectacular. Not in the sense that one could expect more graphically, but in terms of missions, sure, many games some of them even as old as this one could create a much more enticing set of missions. And so, this one kind of deflates rather quickly after you install it. It could have been a bit like Falcon but it sure needed to put a bit more effort into the missions. Plus, managing to speed the simulation just a bump more may have aided it play better, but well, I guess it wasn't in the cards for this one. Yeah, physics wise it does a relatively good job, and graphically it is of the time, but like I said it's too barren, even when the expectations are as low as they can get!

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