Strike Force Harrier

Simulation 1988 Dos Dosbox Domark Flight Military flight

One of Microsoft`s better flight sims

Strike Force Harrier is one of the few Microsoft flight sim games dedicated to a theater of war type of plane, the titular Harrier, which is used thoroughly in this one, in al sort of different missions. You've got your olde classics such as air to air combat, dog fighting, you've got cover missions, you've got even a few stealth missions (part stealth though, the harrier was never one to get away by being stealthy, most often, but rather with speed and immediate deployment) and a lot of air to ground missions. The game is rather arcade style in controls, though you can activate a few assist offs, moment after which the game turns a whole lot harder to sink into. So, for the most part, it's classic flight with the added benefit of taking the missions one by one and running with them, seeing what your objectives are and what you need to be doing. At any rate, Strike Force Harrier looks realy great. It was released in 88, and even so it manages to be above its station, giving you a whole lot of visual cues, to keep you on your missions. Of course, don't expect the world, but you'll get plenty!

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