Super Huey

Simulation 1988 Dos Dosbox Cosmi Corporation Flight Military flight

Average and basic flight sim

While it may lack the flash and visual flair of the best, more modern flight sims like Falcon or SU-27 Flanker, Super Huey is actually a reasonable take on the genre, although its lack of depth may mean hardcore sim fans will lose interest pretty quickly. As the name suggests, the game puts players in the cockpit of a helicopter and presents three missions (plus a training exercise) for them to try their hand at. Starting with the training mode is advisable but once you get the hang of the fairly straightforward controls, the other options offer a bit more excitement. Explore is the least interesting of the three, while Rescue does exactly what it says on the tin and requires players to find and recover and lost POW, with Combat providing the most thrilling mission and finally gives players the chance to exercise their trigger fingers. While Super Huey is a bold attempt at a flight sim, it is undeniably lacking in several departments. The graphics are very simple, with little variation in environments and with low levels in detail, although the colours are bold enough. Although the controls are intuitive, and explained well in an excellent tutorial, it is apparent that this is more an arcade-style sim rather than one going for full-on realism, with aerodynamics and handling both clearly less than authentic. Furthermore, the missions themselves aren't really that exciting and are also repetitive, with little challenge on display. If you've never played a flight sim before, then this is an accessible introduction to the genre and might be worth a look, but veterans are advised to steer clear.

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