Harvest Moon: Back To Nature

Simulation 2000 Nintendo Natsume Farming

Raise and maintain a farm to get rich and happy

Harvest Moon : Back to Nature has got to be one of the best farm simulation games (like Sim Farm) out there. The majority of the game is oriented towards building and maintaining a farm that you received as a heritage from you deceased grandfather. The moment you turn on the game you'll see how great the game looks and plays. The game is in beautiful, high detailed 3D with a great and catchy soundtrack playing behind. You have a ton of options - plant the seeds of your vegetables and watch them grow, buy and sell live stock and poultry and get milk, wool and eggs and raise your income to become a true wealthy farmer! The game has a certain amount of role-playing elements - you are allowed to get yourself a wife and even have kids! The game starts really slow and simple, but soon it will attract you into its world with such intensity that you won't be able to go away! If you like sim games this game will probably provide the best entertainment this game can provide. NOTE: The game is not available for PC but can be played with a Playstation 1 emulator. It's well worth your time!

Superb graphics

This game is magically make you addicted to play more and more. You play as Jack (or your name), a boy who are given a farm by his grandfather and you must make the farm succes in just three years or you're expelled from the village. The gameplay is so fun, you plant a seed and watch them thrive a couple of day, buy a cow, sheep or chicken and get their milk, wool, and egg to be sold in the evening. You can also marry a girl in a village and having a baby. The sound is also good, you will hear a beautiful melodic sound during the game which can make you relax and calm while playing. The graphics is superb for that time, the landscape, trees, animals, and plant are nicely polished. I guarantee it will make you addicted and its totally worth playing.

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