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A farming simulator; very detailed and fun

My farm simulation game of choice has mostly been John Deere: American Farmer, a game that was openly produced in order to advertise for John Deer farm equipment and tractors, and, even in spite of that, it gave me a lot of fun experiences and also increased my farm vehicle vocabulary quite a bit. Thus, having contracted the bug, I was on to discover a few other games in the same style. One retro title that stood out was SimFarm, a lesser known title from Maxis; it is a very detailed managerial game, well produced and well done, so that it offers you a great and satisfying strategic farming simulation. It is also a lot more expansive than other games, in that you can build in sandbox mode, without monetary concerns, or you can limit yourself with the economic mode. It's a lot of things SimFarm: a building game, a farming game, a vehicle management game, also a crops and live stock game. And it's all delivered in a simple and clean 8bit, not very pixelated coat, that really does a great job at detailing the info you need to know. For simulated heavy duty farming aficionados, it's a definitive must play.

So.. Are we growing cows or pigs? Or both?

Before there was Farmville, there was SimFarm, which basically does everything Farmville does, only better - you are on a farm and have to do all that farmers do (fortunately, not getting up before dawn!), grow crops, buy pesticides, breed animals and sell them (there is a a very similar game with towers, SimTower). You start the game literally from nothing, just a big field on which you have to build your farm. It is only up to you how big of a farm do you want. And if you thought farming is easy, apparently you've never been on one. There are a bunch of things to take care of, other than regular farming, you have to be careful of droughts, pests, even tornadoes. The game takes all the details into consideration - weather conditions and also air and earth temperature. The gameplay is simpe - if you've ever used MS Paint, you'll recognize the familiar user panel. The graphics are pretty simple, too, but doesn't take the least bit out of enjoyment of the game. The game is not easy, no sir, but it is very fun and very interesting and extremely challenging. The game's soundtrack is also very cool, with awesome sounds effects, down to the pigs oinking. I say this game is great and very well worth checking out, especially if you like sim like games.

How to be a farmer

Simfarm is based on you being a farmer and doing everything a farm does! you plant crops, buy sell and breen animals etc graphics are not the best but it is still great game! Part of the sim and isle series. It gets challanging as you loose money and such and the bank try to forclose on you. You need to makes sure you have a lot of storage as well as farm vehicles to make this game work or all you efforts are for nothing.

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