F/A-18E Super Hornet

Simulation 2000 Windows Imagineer Co. Flight Combat Modern

A great flight sim, with a proper dose of realism

F/A-18E Super Hornet is a 2000 detailed carrier aircraft simulation, which represents a big step in this genre category. If you seek for a game perfect for thrill-seekers in the sky, you will love Super Hornet. The first flight simulator I played convinced me to give a chance to this genre and I wasn't disappointed at all. And the more and more aircraft simulators that appear proves the fact that people are still very attracted by these airplanes that fly at supersonic speed, wishing to live the pilot experience. The captivating animations will make you forget that you play a game, and you will start watching them attentively having the feeling that you sit on a cinema chair. The airplane that designates the game's title is a powerful and angry attack supersonic with a long action range, resistant to severe weather conditions, and able to handle any type of dangerous mission (there are over 40 missions in the Barents Sea and Indian Ocean). These missions will to test your skills and you will enjoy the aircraft features that are also present in this type of plane in the real life: the avoidance of different types of landscape, retention of altitude, the auto selection of course, the auto landing on aircraft carrier. The AI is convenient, and the environment contains cities, villages, maritime harbors, airports and various industrial enterprises. The graphics maintain the proper dose of realism when you approach , even when you are at a low altitude. For a more complex and dynamic experience, try the multiplayer mode! Enjoy!

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