Heimdall 2

RPG 1994 Dos Dosbox Core Design Isometric Myth and legend

The kind of superhero cool of the 90s, part 2!

The first Heimdall was an action game that put you in the pants of a massive superhero, Heimdall, who is now looking to fight none other than Loki. There's Norse mythology surrounding this game, but it's all filtered through that all American lens, which pumps it all up with all sort of manliness, and prowess, hehe! You see the game from above, isometrically, and, boy, does it ooze coolness! If you've ever read any superhero comics of the early 80s and 80s you'll feel right at home! The game is action packed, and also asks you to do quite a bit of exploration, here and there, though, fortunately, it's not one of those twisted, too large for its own good kind of games. Thus, you'll rarely if ever get lost, and you'll always have something to look forward to. There's also lots of variety in the worlds that the game depicts, as there are quite a few realms to explore. Overall, Heimdall 2 is a great isometric action game, which will bring you back to the past, when you were in awe at the great superheroes of that era.

A nice sequel

Heimdall 2 is an isometric role-playing game and is the sequel to Heimdall. Before we got the chance to fight the minions of hell in Diablo, we had this little game. The gameplay between these 2 games are similar due to the perspective in which you play. Released in 1994, the game was amazing for its time. Everything about the game was great: the gameplay, the graphics, the sound. However, the early floppy-disk release of the game had the disadvantage of not having music, making the game somewhat boring, but fortunately, the CD-ROM version fixed this problem. The story of the game continues from the previous one and continues on to expand on the Norse mythology. The gameplay, for today's standards, may be a bit clunky, but for its time, it was great. Being a MS-DOS/Amiga game, the graphics were jaw-droppingly beautiful and stood out of the DOS games library.

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