RPG 1991 Dos Dosbox Core Design Isometric Myth and legend

Be a demigod and protect Asgard!

Heimdall is a demigod, and, as you'll find out the entirety of the Norse gods and demigods have went berserk, and instead of just enjoying their immortality, they have resorted to playing tricks on one another. Thus, in this game, the terrible Ragnarok has done some mischievous acts and now the entire range of the gods is in trouble. This is why you're going to have to come in to rectify the situation. Overall, the game is action oriented yet it also has a sort of tactics portion to it. There are 15 islets in total where you will have to visit and rectify the situation. They play as individual levels, but the items you find on one island can be carried away with you in later levels, and thus, you can better yourself, and the later levels, even if harder are still doable. All in all, though, Heimdall plays nice, and if you like the Norse mythos, you will find this game very cool and very playable. Also, try Heimdall 2, which plays similarly, yet has better graphics and more levels to go through.on

Loki, Thor, Odin.. Sound familiar?

Heimdall is a perfect choice for players with a special affinity for Norse mythology, but in a fun and slightly humorous way. Our main hero is Heimdall, and he is on a very important quest that involves a lot of ale, fighting and adventures, just like Vikings do it everyday! The main objective in his quest is to retrieve the weapons of the mighty gods as it is only way to stop Loki from ending the world. The whole game oozes with a carefree and quirky atmoshpere, and no matter how serious things seem, you can never get fully worried, since the whole game handles itself very lightly, which is a good thing, actually! There will be a lot of fighting during the game, some puzzle solving that won't be too hard, and when it's all said and done, you'll feel very content and fulfilled with the game. It's cool cartoonish design definitely add to the atmosphere. Overall, if you like RPG games but want something a bit lighter and less serious, and it includes Norse men, I think this game is well worth a shot, and it's sequel, Heimdall II, is even better. Have fun!

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