Dusk of the Gods

RPG 1991 Dos Dosbox Interstel Corporation Isometric Myth and legend

An RPG with a cool Norse flavor story

There's no shortage of interesting DOS era RPGs, especially of the top down variety, but, unfortunately, they rarely provide you with an interesting story. This is not the case with this title, Dusk of the Gods. The game's main storyline is veiled in a plethora of Nordic mythology, some of which is actually taken from reputable sources while other portions are just cool additions and inventions to suit the game's plot needs. As it happens you need to put yourself on the line within the Ragnarok Battle of the Gods, and your individual actions will draw you towards the good or the bad side of the battle. So, you are given freedom to choose your own destiny within this mythological framework, and it works, it sucks you in and keeps you well entertained. The problem that will plague some players which are attuned to HD or higher quality graphics is the simplicity and the jaggedness of the graphics. But, truly, if you can look past this issue you will find that the game is a thoroughly enjoyable product, full of surprises and also very fun to play also for the combat and not only for the story it packs.

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