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A fantastic old school RPG

Micropose has released a nice share of classic games, some of them being Pirates!, Colonization and Sid Meier's Civilization, not to mention the X-Com series, but this is the first and only RPG they released and it lives to the company's good name, since it is very good, very detailed and very fun. It is set in medieval Germany and is incredibly detailed and historically accurate, one of the most accurate ever in history of gaming. It has a huge map with over 90 cities and incredible detailed weapons and armor inventory that was designed accurately to the weight and size. The character design is also very detailed and you can choose almost anything from him, from class to occupation to age and skills. Much like in the famed Elder Scrolls series, your gameplay is entirely non linear, since you can solve the main quest and literally hundreds of small side quests, which can make your gaming time virtually endless, since the game doesn't have an actual ending - you can continue playing even after you've done the main quests. The quests vary from assassination to item retrieval and much others. Other than the vast detail, the game has incredible atmosphere and gives fantastic enjoyment and immense fun. If there was ever a game that is a must for RPG players, it is this one. Just be careful to find the correct, patched version that doesn't have the crippling bugs the original version has. Two thumbs up!

Timeless adventure

The magic and immersion Darklands brings is timeless. After playing it for quite some time, you feel as though this computer game was well made. The only thing that it needs is a makeover to bring the fans in the genre together for more adventures. It certainly has all the elements you'd want for a RPG and a bit of strategy in its combat elements.

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