Heroes of Might and Magic 3

Strategy 1999 Windows New World Computing Organized forces Fantasy Medieval

The absolute best HOMM game

There is a reason why this game has a multi-million fan base around the world even now, more than a decade from the game's initial years. I am very proud to say that I am a part of that fan base. This is the best and most popular game in the HOMM series, with a great camping storyline (there are three of them!), fantastic graphical experience and music soundtrack, various Heroes, each with his special ability, dozens of creatures in 8 different races. The game perfectly fulfills your every wish. It's got the fantastic strategy, it's got the challenge (you can set the difficulty to 200 percent), it's got the action, it's got the great storyline. What possibly more can you want? If you go through all the campaigns and scenarios, there are literally thousands of fan made maps made online, a map generator if you are inspired to make your own, and there are also two expansion sets to this epic game, the Shadow of Death and Armageddon's Blade, with more scenarios and campaigns. Also, if you're up for another HOMM game, check out HOMM V, also a fantastic sequel and my current obsession, but not as good as this one. None is.

Improved HOMM game

HOMM3 does not change the idea behid the first and second HOMM and improve a lot, in particular in graphics, where 3D better renders your units. The presence of more heroes, creatures and castles make this Heroes of might and magic a real reason to download.

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