Heroes of Might and Magic V: Tribes of the East

Strategy 2007 Windows Ubisoft Organized forces Fantasy Role Playing Action

Orcs, attack

For a long time now i have been a fan of Heroes of Might and Magic, and the fifth installment was great for me as the prequels. Original developer might have gone under, but Nivel did a hell of a job on it. I spent many hours on the original game, so i relished the opportunity to take on a new expansion pack. HoMM V: Tribes of the East is a great expansion pack, that sets you in a world so familiar and jet riddled with novelty's. Gameplay is your usual turn-based strategy system, where you gather resources to upgrade your castle, collect experience and rare items for your hero and of course, amass an army that can lead you to ultimate victory. In this expansion, developer added a bit of spice, in the form of a new playable race, the Orcs. For gamers that like those greenish big-toothed thugs, this is a dream come true. A great game and a likeable race mixed together, you can't go wrong. I won't talk much about the story, it would spoil your fun. But if you liked Heroes V, you will like this expansion pack. In addition to the campaign mode, you have standard scenarios and some skirmish maps to choose from. Music is unsurprisingly perfect, but the sound, unfortunately is somewhat lacking. Graphics are as good as they get, especially if you consider this is a turn-based strategy game. If you want to conquer all in your path, and do so with orcsies, then get this one.

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