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Toolset for Hero Quest campaigns

This isn't a game per as much as it is a collection of maps (editable) and rules that allow you to play your own Hero Quest adventures. Most of us know about the Dungeons and Dragons pen and paper RPGs but this wasn't the only rules set put out there. Milton and Bradley, another tabletop games manufacturer created the Heroquest franchise to capitalize on the 80s Dungeons and Dragons craze. So, in order to get the benefit of using this tool set you will first have to familiarize yourself with the rules of this game system. You can do it as the program also contains a good measure of tutorials, but not much in the realm of fully fledged campaign. Sure, there are a few, but they are more a way of showing what you can achieve with the tile sets, while the story telling is not really dived into. So, unless you're a pen and paper/tabletop fan of the Heroquest franchise, this tool set own't offer much to you. However, if you've tried your hand before at it, it will most probably feel like an ok tile set based design suite.

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