Hataraku Kuruma!

Puzzle 2002 Windows Fancy Board games Challenges

Battleships! but with cars!

If you delighted in the old tabletop, or, if played ad hoc, when at school, math paper top (!) Battleships game, then you will find this vehicular version of the game pretty neat and interesting. So, this is the idea: you get a few vehicles that you can arrange on your piece of paper as you see fit. The same is going to be done by your co-player as well. You will take turns to sink his or her ships, by finding the coordinates of one of his ships. When you find a ship, (here, car) you can take another turn. Depending on the way the ships are positioned you are going to try and pin all of them, as each one takes more than one square on the table. Thus, the idea is to half guess and half pick out the order/read your opponent's mind, and in doing so sink (destroy) all of his ships (cars). Graphically it looks alright, with high quality 2D graphics for the cars and the surroundings, and also with interesting looking elements that will keep you energized. Oh, and also cool automotive destruction sounds too, so download it!

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