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Test your tactics

If you've ever played that classic game that is Connect 4 (whether the computerized version or the original), or even Block Five, the take on the formula from Scott Adams, you should be quite familiar with the concept of Four. Just in case you're not though, here's a quick (and it should be very quick) rundown of what you can expect here. The game is basically presented as a two player experience where you take on the computer in a head to head match where the sole goal is to be the first to make a line of four, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. That really is it for the gameplay and it's difficult to find much more to say in all honesty. However, although it may be easy to describe, playing it is far more challenging as this is a game which requires a heap of strategy and cunning in order to emerge victorious. If you want to win, you really have to consider every single move, playing offensively as well as watching defensively for where your opponent is placing their pieces. It is all to easy to lay what you think is the perfect trap only to find that you are on the receiving end of exactly the same thing, with the computer proving to be a pretty tough customer. Thanks to its 'artificial intelligence' it also gets better over time, learning from your own actions in order to get the best of you. If you like games such as Chess and Mahjong, this makes for a great, if slightly less time consuming, experience but which offers almost as much in the way of depth and strategy. Recommended for when you want to test your tactical thinking.

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