Aladdin Chess Adventures

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Chess rocks!

For anyone who's a fan of Disney's classic Aladdin, including the superb platformer of the same name, or has an interest in learning chess, this is a cracking little game. It combines Disney's usual high production values with a clever and inventive concept and which proves to be both entertaining and educational. As you would expect, the game takes place in the world of Aladdin and charges players with going out on a variety of story-based quests. Along the way, you'll meet up with all the characters and visit some famous locations from the movies. The gameplay itself is a mixture of puzzling and mini-games and sees you collecting chess pieces in order to progress. You'll learn the rules of chess as you go along in a simple and straightforward manner and with new concepts wrapped cleverly into the storyline as you go. You don't need to know anything about chess in order to play this, making it a perfect choice for complete beginners but who want to learn in a fun way. Chess Adventures really is another great little offering from Disney and it can't be faulted in many areas. It is perhaps a little too focused on the chess concept, so if you're not interested in that then you might not have too much fun here. However, there is a good mix of puzzles and minigames so it's possible for anyone to have a good time if they try. And if you are interested in chess, then this makes for the perfect introduction, thanks to the elegant way that the rules are explained. This, coupled with the lush visuals and other elements, makes this a top notch offering.

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