Great Naval Battles 4

Simulation 1995 Dos Dosbox SSI Naval War

Maritime tactics sim set in WWI Europe

The Great Naval Battles 4 still didn't manage to shake off some of the graphic funk that has always been associated with the series. In this game we set our command over to the European side of the WWI, a period when every side, the Allies as well as the Germans tried to come up with ways to thwart one another's maneuvers. The game pits you in command of squadrons of ships but allows you to separate them further, so if you want to micromanage just one of them at a time you can do it without issues. The game also takes its toll on the rather more general economic side of simulation, where you will be tasked with setting reinforcement and supply lines over the seas in an attempt to keep your already active ships functional. What the game does relatively well is simulate the struggle, true to the history book of the hardships of keeping a fleet of ships functional, while at the same time allowing you to dabble in the tactics that were used at the time. Expect to hunt submarines or be hunted by them, expect to have to accomplish troop deployment missions and much more. If you are lucky and some game breaking bugs won't affect you then you will be in luck, as the game was considered one of the least clean in the series. So, unless you absolutely have to assume the mantle of general in the WWI maritime theaters, you can just as well do without this particular title.

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