HIND - The Russian Combat Helicopter Simulation

Simulation 1996 Dos Dosbox Interactive Magic War Military flight Combat Modern

A modern, well done Apache Longbow sequel

The original Apache Longbow was one of the most loved helicopter action/simulation games based on helicopter piloting, and, HIND - The Russian Combat Helicopter Simulation does a very good job of taking that recipe to the next level. Luckily, the things that worked well in the original were not modified. Thus, you will find the game to have a well polished and well produced build, rather simple and rather well managed. Also, graphically, HIND - The Russian Combat Helicopter Simulation gets it right in terms of the way the enemies, in the sky and the ground ones look like. There are lots of missions in game; get civilians to a certain location, deploy soldiers, transport and engage in aerial combat and more. The Russian theme of the game is all present, and it looks great, overall, does a beautiful job of it all. Physics wise, it's pretty similar to the Apache title, but with a bit more depth. More calculations per second means more realism, which is what this title dose, while keeping a certain dose of arcade to the controls and gameplay, which is great, as HIND - The Russian Combat Helicopter Simulation is never a burden to learn how to play.

Very realistic and hugely fun

This fantastic game, a sequel to the Apache Longbow, is as serious as sim games get. You get to fly the all-Russian helicopter Hind, which is a little more than a brick with guns, and handles as such. The game shines with its fantastic and insanely realistic flight model, so be careful, since a slightest mistake will send you crashing to the floor in a very unpleasant and deadly way. Your helicopter can carry cargo, so there will be extracting missions where you have to save captured soldiers and carry them home, but you have to be careful here, too, because there will often be a sucker with a gun trying to shoot you down while you're trying to land. The weaponry is also all-Russian and the game is narrated by some guy with a Russian accent who will most of the times just annoy you. The game's graphics are a lot better than the Apache Longbow, with a lot smoother textures and higher detail. The missions are all very action packed and dynamic, and most of the time you will be flying for your dear life. The game's audio is good, but nothing exceptional. If you like sim games, this is one you can't miss out. Highly recommended!

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