Hitman: Blood Money

Action 2006 Windows Eidos Mystery 3D action adventure Movie style Tpp Stealth

Another from the Hitman series

Blood Money released in 2006 by Eidos Interactive, is the fourth game from the Hitman Series following Hitman: Contracts. The player, as in the previous games from the series, assume the role of a professional hitman called Agent 47. As in every previous versions, the objectives involve killing one ore more individuals. The strategy is mentally set by the player using a satellite map that points out the current location, and the positions of the targets and bystanders. The strategy must be stealthy otherwise the game penalizes you for too much noise and violence, in spite of the previous versions that only rewarded stealthiness. In this version you have new abilities such as climbing through more obstacles, using human shields, improved unarmed combat, knock unconscious NPC's using the weapon, dispose dead bodies into containers and upgrading weapons and equipment. Agent 47 gets a new stat called notoriety which determines how easy he will be identified by other NPC's. The notoriety is affected by the fact of getting recorded on CCTV while committing murder. A way of going around this would be to destroy the recordings. The game has great graphics, fine textures and fine dynamics. Overall, you might want to take the role of a hitman because there's a lot disguising to do!

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