Splinter Cell 4: Double Agent

Action 2006 Windows Ubisoft Mystery 3D action adventure Movie style Fighting action Infiltration

The hardest mission, in a more intense action

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent is a 2006 action game. Every game has the quality to make you wait impatiently for the next ones. The story presents Sam Fisher, that was once an agent of Third Echelon, with the mission to infiltrate its enemies bases, achieving information and killing foes if necessary. But Sam's life changes in an dramatical way. He has the new mission (the hardest of all) to work with its enemies, risking his safety, identity and life. For the stealth enthusiasts and maniacs, this game offers the exciting chance to play as a spy, trying to sneak around the enemies and killing them, without anyone else noticing. The stealth challenges are made in a revolutionary way. Double Agent proves us its excellent graphics engine and solid design of the missions. The game is more intense, more detailed, bringing an intuitive and well-proportioned interface and more choices to the player. Some bugs will appear here and there, but the credible features succeed to hide these bugs, distracting the attention from them. If you haven't played the other prequels, I assure that this game will instantly make you a fan of the series, activating your interest and curiosity about what the other Splinter Cell games can offer!

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