X-Men: The Official Game

Action 2006 Windows Activision 3D action adventure Movie style

Directly from the comics

This 3D action is what you call a real treat to the taste bud. X-Men is based on the classic movie which has made a big fan base all over the world, and must be considered the Official Game copyright Marvel. Play as the famous Wolverine and destroy the enemies using your adamantium claws and raw force. Join the adventure of the night crawler by climbing walls and teleporting from one place to another. Similarly you can be the ice man and create hailstorms. The game has an adrenaline mode and a fury mode which are both exciting and destructive. The best thing about the game is that all the dynamics of the X-Men world have been implemented with a lot of details and they are supported by some very good graphics and animations. You will come across some very powerful enemies that are also in the movie like magneto and pyro and will face off with some other enemies which have been added to various global missions that you have to perform in the game. The user interface is also wonderful and the controls have been perfectly synced and calibrated with the gameplay. The action in the game is what makes it wonderful and you will simply love it. For more thrill and action, try Fantastic 4.

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