Adventure 1984 Dos Dosbox Telarium Graphical IF Mystery

Find out what happened to an archaeological expedition

In this graphical adventure you are tasked to find what happened to an archaeological expedition that had been sent to the far reaches of the Amazon jungle to do some digs. The game is delivered classically, with lots of text as well as with graphical additions, to keep you informed and to administer some puzzle elements easier and better. Overall, the game is pretty nice, the mystery will keep you hooked for quite a bit, and also, the puzzle administration is not that nasty either. Sure, it is not too original, as it could have been. Most of all, the fact that some of the puzzles are too hard while others are too easy is what makes it all so aggravating. But, well, as soon as you get used to the fact that this is not nicely sloped to slowly become harder, but bounces from hard to easy without too much in between, you get used to it. At any rate, there's also a cool funny side to the game, as one of the members of your recovery expedition will be a parrot, a talkative little devil that offers the required comic relief when things get out of hand. Oh, and get used to CGA 4 colors only scheme, this is all that the game offers color palette wise, but within that ground it does a very nice job. Alternatively, download Calixto Island, an even baser adventure with even less graphical oomph to show for itself, but with the same theme of exploration and recovery about it.

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