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Striking gold, following the rainbow!

Shenanigans is a cool adventure, relaying the misadventures of this cartoonish adventurer that looks to, Leprechaun' gold! So, as you will find out, Shenanigans is anything but serious in terms of the story, but puzzles wise it sure has plenty of those. It controls via text based inputs, and if you have some experience with those types of games, Shenanigans won't challenge you extensively, as the parser is pretty smart. The game is full of static images, that aid you in finding your way around, which is great if you're not necessarily the most imaginative person out there! At any rate, it's a great game Shenanigans, it offers you a really good mix of adventure and story, and, for the most part it creates a beautiful build, most of the time, that is just great for relaxed adventurers. You can also save your game, which for an 83 game is pretty decent an addition to have. Thus, you won't really have any issues playing in, smaller or larger chunks, however you want. Compared to, say, a classic such as The Hobbit, Shenanigans still stands the test and, to a point is as fun as that one.

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