Adventure 1982 Dos Dosbox Sierra Graphical IF

Great graphical adventure

It is beautiful adventure game which has a typical plot but a great deal of fun and adventure. The plot in the game is that the beautiful princess was kidnapped by some evil wizard and the wanderer that you will play in the game went through all the obstacles and barriers to rescue her. Though he rescued her but the wizard is resilient and he changed the course of history and you now have to rescue her again. In your quest as the wanderer and the savior in the game, you have to go through a variety of obstacles and puzzles that have their own dynamics incorporated with reference to the scenario. The adventure factor in the game has been presented by a graphical interface of the gameplay that features some wonderful and attractive colors. The game also has a great deal of exploring value as it allows you to interact with a lot of elements of the gameplay. The puzzles are somewhat obscure at some points and also logical at the others. The UI is very catchy and interactive as well and the use of the controls is quite smooth. The game is very good but is not as good as Leisure Suit Larry.

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