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Murder mystery text based adventure

Man, really? I mean, if you are a text based developer, even one that was dealing with the genre back in 86, couldn't you at lest try to make your font type a bit more readable, Ehh, maybe it was the times, maybe it was just a lack of options/resources, but well, I guess you've got to go with what the game offers. And what it offers is an enthralling story about crime and punishment, and about that which one leaves behind, even when he commits a very carefully calculated crime. The game is very easy overall, a game that will not require you to have played lots of other adventures in text mode before, if any. That is not to say, however, that this game has a better than average parser, nope, you'll still going to have to get used to monosyllabic commands and to try out as many word combinations as possible, even when you know for sure what you need to do. But, well, if you fall for the nice expository portion of the game I guess you'll put up with the many small flaws of the game, simply because you are drawn into the game. I guess text based adventures never grow old, as they rely on your imagination, so, if you still have love for them, might as well try this mystery adventure. Alternatively, go for Cutthroats an adventure with baddies all over, and another mystery, more mundane this time, though.

Change by Infocom

Infocom has made plenty of great games, but most of them are very difficult. Moonmist, however, is a change to this trend. This is one of the rare Infocom games rated "Introductory" difficulty level: you are a detective who is investigating haunting in a big mansion. Unlike other Infocom games, this one is more linear, and quite short in comparison. The syntax is WAY more accepting than other adventure games. Also, the puzzles are fairly easy and logical. Verdict: Text Adventures are dying, especially because modern gamers find them to difficult. This is a excellent, fun text adventure that even the first timers will certainly enjoy.

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