Deja Vu

Adventure 1985 Dos Dosbox ICOM Simulations Mystery First person

Who are you and what are you doing here?

The "I suddenly have amnesia so I have to figure stuff out" is one of the most cliche scenarios in the gaming business but it's also one of the most used and the most popular one. That said, I'm not surprised this mystery game used just this premise as a basis for its story line. So, you wake up in a shady bar without any recollection. Who are you? What are you doing here? Following all sorts of clues, you finally pick up the little pieces of the puzzle called life and find out some things that you didn't or shouldn't need to know.. The game relays the mystery spirit of the game pretty accurately and the "hole in the memory" thing really motivates the player to go want to continue the game and play it. Some benefits of the game include pretty cool visuals for the time which increases the mysterious atmosphere and the ability to play with a mouse which was more than revolutionary in 1986. It is still a game that has its faults. Puzzles are often illogical and uninteresting and the characters have absolutely no depth which results in the depletion of the gaming enjoyment. When all is said and done, Deja Vu remains an interesting game with good gameplay that will captivate the community but should be looked with a grain of salt because of its minor setbacks.

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