Giants: Citizen Kabuto

Action 2000 Windows Interplay Humorous Adventure Tpp Violent Rpg Sci fi

Mix of humor and wacky storyline

Developed by Planet Moon Studios, Citizen Kabuto is the kind of game that not only offers the gamer a good third-person shooter action, but also offers some good laughs along the play. The story of the game starts off with two alien soldiers, who are searching for a friend of theirs on another planet. Things get complicated as the story moves on. The players take control of three types of characters in certain moments of the game. The first is one of the aliens from the beginning of the game, which use advanced technology. The second is Delphi, a Sea Ripper princess, who gets transformed in the end into a Kabuto-like creature, giving us the third character we can play as. In most games, humor mostly comes from sarcastic lines of some characters. Here, humor is everywhere: in the dialogue and during the action, giving the game a more cartoonish feel. We can consider Giants as a standard third-person shooter in an open world, but the game offers the change to switch to a first-person perspective. Each character plays differently, offering the gamer a good amount of variety. Throughout the levels, there are shops that can offer the player power ups, ammo for a stronger weapon and even health, however killing enemies will restores the players health a bit. The graphics for the game are fantastic for its time and even today they still continue to impress gamers who never picked this game up yet. The music, sound effects and voice are quite good offering real funny entertainment!

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