Hoyle Casino Empire

Simulation 2002 Windows Sierra Casino Casual Minigame Arcade

The game is on!

There's been a number of casino-based games over the years with the Hoyle name attached but this version is a little different from other offerings. It's a management-type sim which offers you the chance to build up your own casino empire and while it's not a perfect strategy game, it's still a pretty solid experience. In traditional fashion, you start out with a run-down affair that needs a lot of work so it's your job to bring in the punters and get the cash rolling in the right direction. You've got a number of different casino games that you can include while there are also lots of different decorations and room types that you'll need to build and position, with things like amusement rides sitting alongside more mundane things such as restrooms. Your customers are also split into different types, so you've got to consider how to attract each one, as they like to spend different amounts of money but which each have their own benefits to having around. While Casino Empire might not be as some of the better tycoon games out there, like Railroad Tycoon, it still offers a pretty solid experience. It's got all the features you could hope for in such a game, with plenty of options to keep you busy and to experiment with. It's perhaps aimed more at casual gamers, thanks to the generally low difficulty level and easy accessibility, although things like the interface could be streamlined a bit or made more intuitive. The visuals do their job nicely enough and overall, if you've ever wanted to run a casino, this is a good way to practise.

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