Larry's Casino

Simulation 1998 Windows Sierra Casino

It depends on what you expect

Leisure Suit Larry's Casino is a casino simulation game released in 1998 by Sierra On-Line. The perspective is a first-person one and you will also find the phenomenal and popular character from the Leisure Suit Larry's series: Larry Laffer. In this game, Larry runs a casino business. Before trying Leisure Suit Larry's Casino, be aware of what you are looking for in this genre. You won't enjoy it if you are have other expectations from a gambling game. I, personally, was looking for a game that offers multiple customizing options, tutorials, and various strategies in order to play accurately. Well, Leisure Suit Larry's Casino disappointed me at this part. Your options are limited, because unlike most of these games, you can't set the number of players on a table, which is quite inconvenient. There are 5 casino games (poker, craps, roulette, slots, blackjack), but the most important details to make the gameplay complete are missing. So, relating to these flaws, you may want to search for something else when it comes to casino or gambling games. On the other hand, if you want to play online while chatting , and if you are a fan of Leisure Suit Larry series, appreciating the humour of the main character, this game will bring you a lot of content. The graphics are mediocre, and in order to understand something from the visuals, you have to set a high resolution. An example of a game in the series that is worth playing is Leisure Suit Larry 7.

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